Charles Darwin

Schizophrenia and Evolution

This website is dedicated to promoting the understanding of schizophrenia through its connection to evolution and the changes brought about by language to evolution’s trajectory. Hominins (human like creatures) have been present for some 6 million years. Language has only been present for about 50,000. If we lay three yardsticks end to end to represent six million years, 50,000 represents less than the last inch. Yet language has transformed the neurochemistry and complexity of the human psyche. Not everyone is as adaptive to this massive change and we call them schizophrenics. They represent one percent of the population world wide (the anthropo-parity principle). The rapidity with which evolution has changed has left some behind… evolution’s dispossessed so to speak. This theory, more than any other I believe, explains most of the facts known about schizophrenia including the reason it is not extinct despite a low fecundity ratio, the aforementioned anthropo-parity principle, its age of onset, why schizophrenics may experience frontal lobe atrophy, the cause of hallucinations, Schneiderian symptoms and many more. This website’s mission is to promote an understanding of this theory. My book, Neanderthal’s Dream: Evolution and Insanity is an attempt to give a detailed explanation of evolution’s role in creating mental illness.

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